Personalize Google Chrome by Creating Your Own Themes

image Previously we took a look at customizing your Chrome browser using some of the pre-made themes provided by Google and their 3rd party artists.  This time, we’ll look at how to make your own custom theme for Google Chrome.  Normally, it’s a complicated process that only a veteran web graphic designer could pull off.  But, in this groovyPost we’ll use a free online tool to make the job easy. Theme Creator is a free online webapp which provides all the elements needed to make custom themes.  You can find it in the Chrome Web Store, but installing it is basically the same as adding a bookmark to its website.

Google Chrome Theme Creator wep application

Once you get the hang of the tool, Chrome Theme Creator will allow you to easily make a theme which rivals what the pro’s create.  You can set custom text colors, and then use images to change up the color of different theme elements.  For status windows and buttons, there is a Tint tab which allows you to change their colors.

The only hard part to the entire process is setting up your images to fit in properly.  For help with image specs, see the official Theme community guide for Chromium.   Play around with the different settings and you’ll get the hang of it within a few minutes.

customize chrome themes and colors

Once you’re done with tweaking your theme, hit the Pack tab.  Here you can directly install your theme to Chrome, or download it and save it for later use or sharing.  If you’re going to experiment with multiple themes, I recommend downloading it or else you risk losing all of your work.

download your own custom chrome themes

Below is an example of what you can create in a matter of minues.  I spent about 5 minutes.  Overall… not bad.. ;)

I reckon with enough time and imagination you could easily make something much more remarkable.

my attempt at making a theme

Don’t feel like taking the time to make your own?  The website is host to a huge assortment of themes made using their free web apps.  They install just as quickly and easily as the official Chrome themes, but I think they look way groovier.

Chrome Theme creator themes

Who can make the grooviest theme?  Upload your theme to and share it with us in the comments!

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