Get the Most Out of Craigslist with Craiggers, the 3-Pane Craigslist Browser

Craigslist browsing made sane, Craiggers 3-pane browserIf you’ve ever used Craigslist before then you know what a mess it can be trying to browse it.  Want an easier way to find your used goods at a bargain price? We’ve looked previously at how to use RSS feeds to keep up on specific items being posted.  What though, when it comes to browsing Craigslist in real-time?  Each page has to be individually opened, new tabs become a necessity, and if you try to multi-task while view Craigslist things will just get really messy really quickly; forget about looking up Craigslist on your phone or tablet, that is a whole other disaster.  This is where we need some third-party help to clean up the mess, release the Craiggers!

Craiggers is a free full-feature Craigslist browsing web app that can turn the nightmarish mess of Craigslist posting into something even a tablet user could manage.  Their motto is “craigslist data better than craigslist!” and they aren’t bluffing.  The website uses a 3-column approach.  The left-side displays location, search filters, relevant matches, and matches from neighboring areas.  The middle column contains the search results, and the right column contains the craigslist post after you click on an ad.  Everything works without using the navigation buttons on your browser, in fact, it can all be done from a single-window quite effectively.

craiggers craigslist browser

By default, Craiggers will search the ENTIRE U.S. for ads, but you can narrow it down as much as you like. Unfortunately, Craiggers is currently limited to searches only in the United States.

There are a few other noteworthy features of Craiggers.  If you check the Apple App Store, you’ll find a Craiggers iPhone app!  There is an option to save your searches, so you don’t have to narrow everything down when repeating the same query day after day.  Also, you can sign up for email notifications and receive up to 100 matches for your search queries right your inbox.  Though, email notifications are only sent out twice a day.


Craiggers is a groovy alternative for reading through Craigslist ads. The design is easy to use, tablet friendly and has great performance.  It’s a bummer that it is only available for U.S. postings, but perhaps they’ll update that soon.  The only other thing I found missing was that you can’t adjust a minimum and maximum price for your items, which I would normally do to weed out spam and junk.  But in the end, if you want real-time results for a variety of Craigslist ads, there really isn’t a better route to go than Craiggers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Kotalik

    September 5, 2011 at 6:37 am

    What happen to CRAIGGERS system is it down due to technical or did it discontinue operation.

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