Auto-Reload for Chrome Refreshes Your Websites For You

Chrome Auto-Reload plugin

Ever want to buy something the second it goes on sale to be the first one to get it? Or maybe it is a high sell-out item that you’ve got to get your hands on. Maybe your just tired of pushing F5 on your favorite blog site to see if a new comment has been posted.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news.  By following this groovyPost, you won’t need to do any manual reloading every again – Google Chrome’s Auto-Reload can do it for you. You can even set how often the page reloads to suit your needs. Now that’s groovy!

According to the official description, the plugin is rather simple.  Auto-Reload simply:

Reloads a web page on a regular basis.


The plugin is featured in the Google Chrome plugin gallery and doesn’t require a typical download and installation.  All you have to do is go to its Chrome web store page and Click Install.

Chrome auto-reload plugin

Once you install, Auto-Reload will add a button in the Chrome address bar right next to the favorites Star-button.

blue means its off

Blue means that auto-reload is currently inactive.

green means its on

Green means that auto-reload is active.

read arrow means sticky mode

The red-arrow indicates “Sticky Mode”. When enabled, each time the URL is opened in a tab, ‘auto-reload’ will be enabled automatically.

chrome auto reloader in browser button

If you Right-Click the auto reload button you can disable it, or go into options and customize the reload timer settings.

chrome auto-reload optionsset refresh time interval

Overall Chrome Auto-Release is a pretty groovy little extension and out of all the page refreshing/reloading plugins I’ve played with, this one is the best.

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