How to Resize the Windows 10 Start Menu

If the start menu in Windows 10 is too large or too small for you it can be resized. Here’s how to do it.

Do you feel like the Start menu on Windows 10 takes up too much room on your desktop? Or, do you want to see more of it to see your pinned items? Either way, the cool thing is you can easily resize it to make it either larger or smaller. Here’s how.

How to Resize the Start Menu on Windows 10

If you want to resize the Windows 10 start menu, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start menu button or Windows key to view the Start menu.
  2. Hover your mouse over the top or side edge of the Start menu until the resize cursor icon appears.
  3. Hold and drag your mouse up/down (from the top edge) or left/right (from the side edge) to resize the menu.
  4. Release your mouse cursor when you’re done.

You can follow our detailed step-by-step instructions below.

Resizing the Windows 10 Start Menu

To get started, press the Windows key to launch the Start menu. Once the Start menu is open, put the mouse on the edge of the Start menu to make the cursor turn into a resize icon. It will look like it does when you’re resizing other windows on your system.

If you want to change the height of the Start menu, drag your mouse up toward the top to make it taller. Or, move it down to make it shorter. For example, in the shot below I drug it all the way to the top of the screen to make it taller.

On the other hand, you can drag it down to make it smaller and more compact.

You can also change the width and height of the Start menu by placing the cursor in the top-right corner. Then drag the menu up and to the right to make it larger.

resize Windows 10 start menu

Or, if you just want to make it wider, but not taller, just drag the menu from the right edge over to the right of the desktop.

If you want to make the menu even smaller, you just need to remove smart tiles from the menu. Or resize the tiles to make the Start menu even smaller.

The size you want to make the Start menu is up to you. You can make it larger to show more live tiles at once or smaller so it doesn’t take up too much room on your desktop.

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