How to Reset or Repair Microsoft Edge Web Browser in Windows 10 1709

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Microsoft now makes it easier to repair or reset the Edge web browser starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. No more need for PowerShell.

Update: This article was written for Legacy Edge. That version is no longer supported and has been removed from Windows 10. Instead, there is a new Chromium-based version of Edge. It is cross-platform and works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It can be installed like any other browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can even install Google Chrome extensions on the new Edge.

Install the New Chromium-based Edge

All you need to do is download Microsoft Edge for your OS and log into your Microsoft account, and you’re good to go.

Download Microsoft Edge

The following is the old article and is related to Legacy Edge only:

Microsoft introduced its current flagship web browser, Edge, with the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. Edge focuses on speed, security, and compatibility with web standards. That said, Edge is still a maturing platform, but the rapid pace of development continues to give it a fighting chance in a market that’s pretty much dominated by the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

Since its release, though, there have been some issues with Edge and fixing them ain’t easy. If Edge becomes corrupted, won’t launch, or has performance issues, there’s usually a little indication of what’s gone awry under the hood. Most times, users have to resort to resetting Edge in PowerShell, which seems incredibly user-unfriendly for a supposedly modern universal app. Even Internet Explorer includes an Advanced Reset option. However, starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it’s much easier now. Read on to learn how to fix Edge the easy way.

Microsoft Makes it Easier to Fix Problems with Edge Web Browser.

Previously, this is what you had to do to reset Microsoft Edge…

powershell 1

…but not anymore!

We previously showed you how to use the reset function for other apps in Windows 10—now you can do it for Edge too.

Open Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features then search for Edge.  Starting with Windows 10 1709, Edge is listed as a regular Windows app. Click Advanced Options.

This will show you the Repair and Reset options. First, try Repair to see if that fixes Edge. Then, use the Reset option as the last resort since this deletes browsing history, cookies, and settings, but it saves your favorites.

And that’s it—no more mucking around command lines or repairing your Windows 10 installation to get Edge working again. It took five versions to add it finally, but it’s finally here. If you still want to use the PowerShell option, it still works, but there is now an easier option for those of us who aren’t comfortable with PowerShell. Remember to check out our others articles for resolving issues with Windows Store and desktop applications in Windows 10.

Oh, by the way, are you using Edge more or less since upgrading to Windows 10? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Haydn

    I have been having trouble with Microsoft Edge. After a Microsoft update in August, I think, Edge would lauch and then after a minute or so it would close. Now I bank online and have Trusteer Endpoint Protection. I was advised on some forum to disable this app and then try launching Edge. I did this and Edge now works again but I now no longer have Trusteer protection. On seeing your article on how to fix Microsoft Edge with Repair or Reset I thought I would try it so I could re-enable Trusteer. I went to settings and then Apps and to Apps & Features but when I searched for Edge amongst the Apps it’s not there. I must have Edge as I using it as a bowser. Any ideas.

  2. Keith

    After the recent Windows update I also lost Edge. I stopped Trusteer Rapport Endpoint protection. This enabled Edge to launch normally. I then restarted Trusteer and both Trusteer and Edge work as they should. Uninstall start Edge then and reinstall Trusteer also works.
    Looking at Andre Da Costa’s post. Edge does not appear in the Apps and Features list yet is still working normally. All other apps are listed.

  3. Jules

    Great browser – with one major, critical exception:
    It torches your Favorites.
    When that’s fixed I’ll leave Chrome and go back.

  4. Ganesh Keerthi

    After I upgraded my system from windows 8 to 10, from that time I am using edge. OK there was some problems, as I am an insider. But still I am satisfied with edge. Good job Microsoft. Try to make it more robust.

  5. Marc Wilson

    I only use Edge when I have to- e.g. for an application that needs Java. It’s far too flimsy for daily use. More than once, it’s got itself in a state where it crashes as soon as it launches.

    Then, there is the issue of it crashing when you right-click. Unimpressed.

  6. qball680

    The one and only purpose for Edge is to download any other browser on a fresh windows installation

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