How to Reset Microsoft Office Ribbon Customizations

If you make a lot of customizations to Microsoft Office tabs on the ribbon, there might be times when you need to reset it back to its default.

The ribbon in Microsoft Office has been around for several years and modern versions allow for many customizations. We recently covered how to export and import ribbon customizations. Exporting and importing your ribbon settings lets you easily move to a new PC and get your ribbon settings back easily.

But there might be times where you want a fresh start and need to reset the ribbon to default settings. Here’s how to reset the entire Office ribbon and how to reset specific tab settings.

Reset Microsoft Office Ribbon Customizations

To get started, launch the Office app where you want to reset the ribbon. For this example, I am using Word, but the process is the same for Excel, PowerPoint…etc. Once it’s open head click File > Options.

When the “Options” page opens up click on Customize Ribbon from the menu on the left. Under the “Customize the Ribbon” section click the “Customizations” dropdown menu and select Reset all customizations.

Then a verification message will pop up that says: “Delete all Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar customizations for this program?” Click the Yes button.

That’s it. Now the entire ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar will be reset to its default settings.

Reset Specific Ribbon Tab Customizations in Office

Sometimes you might just need to reset a specific tab on the ribbon that you customized. To reset the tab only head to File > Options.

Select Customize Ribbon in the left-hand panel. Under the “Customize the Ribbon” section, highlight the tab you want to reset to default settings. Here I am selecting the “Developer” tab. Then click the “Customizations” dropdown menu and click Reset only selected Ribbon tab.

That’s all there is to it. Now your selected tab will be reset to its default settings. Note that the reset options are not universal. So, you will need to do this for each of the Office apps you want to reset the ribbon. Also, this doesn’t work for custom tabs. If you want to reset a custom tab you need to delete it and create a new one.

If you have made several customizations to the Office ribbon, you might want to reset it to default and start over. This is helpful in situations where your workflow changes.

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