How to Remove Skype from Windows 10 System Tray

Microsoft is phasing out the desktop Skype app in favor of the modern Store version. But removing it from the system tray isn’t straight-forward like it used to be.

Microsoft is phasing out the desktop Skype app. You have probably noticed that the new modern Skype app is a pain to remove from the system tray. Previously, you could simply right-click the Skype icon on the taskbar to quit it. And you still can if you’re running the legacy desktop app. But with the modern version, when you right-click the icon, there is no “Quit” option. But you can still hide the modern Skype icon and quit Skype — it takes a few more steps.

Quit and Remove Skype System Tray

To hide the Skype icon, you can do it from Skype’s Settings – which you can easily get from the icon in the system tray. Just right-click and choose “Settings” from the menu.

Skype Settings System Tray

Next, under the General section turn off the “Show Skype in the Windows notification area (system tray)” switch.

hide Skype Icons Modern Settings

Keep in mind that you will still get messages and notifications (if enabled) after hiding the icon. Of course, the only way to stop messages is to sign out. You can do that from the Skype UI. Click the Options button (…) and then choose “Sign out” from the menu.

Sign Out Skype modern Windows 10

Again, if you still use the old desktop app, you can still right-click the icon in the system tray and hit the “Quit Skype” option. Or, you can right-click the Skype icon on the taskbar and quit, too.

quite skype taskbar shortcut

Of course, if you have both versions of the Skype app installed, things can get confusing. Hit the Windows key and type: Skype and both versions will show up. Just remember the one with “Desktop app” is the traditional version. The one labeled “Trusted Microsoft Store app” is the new modern app.

It’s probably best to uninstall one of them to avoid confusion. Depending on what you use it for, though, you might want to stay with the legacy app for as long as possible. Just remember Microsoft is ending support for it and you’ll eventually need to move to the modern Store version.

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