Remove Most Used Apps from the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Most Used apps list on the Windows 10 Start menu can be convenient, but you might want to remove it. Here’s how.

The Start menu on Windows 10 contains a lot of app information, including live tiles, and is highly customizable. One of the default features is the “Most used” list at the top of the left-hand column. It allows for quick access to the apps and other system items that you use frequently. However, you might want to remove certain items from the list or remove the list entirely. Here’s how.

Remove Apps from the “Most Used” List on the Start Menu

Click the Start button or hit the Windows key on your keyboard to launch the Start menu. Then to remove an app or other item from the “Most used” list, right-click on it and select More > Don’t show in this list.

Remove the Most Used List from Start

If you find that this list takes up too much room or you don’t want it on the Start menu, you can delete it. To do that, open Settings from the Start menu.

Then from the Settings menu, click on Personalization.

Now in the Personalization section, click on Start from the left-hand list. Then turn off the “Show most used apps” switch.

That will remove the entire “Most Used” list from the Start menu.

It’s also worth noting that from the Start Personalization section in Settings, you can remove other lists from the Start menu, too. You can remove the “Recently Added” apps list, for example. Or you can remove the Apps list from the Start menu entirely.

Here is an example of completely removing the Apps list from the Start menu.

On the other hand, you can add more items to the Start menu. For example, if you are a fan of app tiles, you can add a fourth column of app tiles to Start.

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  1. Randy

    Thanks! This was really useful because everyone is different and the start menu will always be controversial due to this fact. If this area can be customized the customer will be more satisfied. I think the NEW START is the difference between success and failure.

  2. John Reynolds

    What if I want to reset it? To be able to see again a program that I removed?

  3. Nuno


    If I remove “Acrobat” or “Word” or whatever from the most used list, how can I put it back?



  4. JHS

    Thanks (sort of). I am so sick of programmers making life miserable because they make your computer do what they think you want it to do. So stupid. Why not default to all programs in start menu? Half an hour wasted just undoing this jackassery.

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