How to Remove Edge Browser Tabs from Windows 10 Alt+Tab

One of the new features in Windows 10 version 20H2 is showing all open tabs from Edge. If you want to remove them you can. Here’s how.

Windows 10 version 20H2 aka “October 2020 Update” brings a lot of new changes. Some are welcomed and some of which are not. One of the new changes you might have noticed is that Windows now displays all open Microsoft Edge browser tabs in the task switcher when you press Alt+Tab. Some users might find this a helpful new change. It allows you to get to a specific open tab from the task switcher. But some of you might find it annoying and overkill. Here’s how to remove tabs from the task switcher or limit the number that shows up.

Remove Edge Tabs from Alt+Tab

To get started you need to go into Settings. Hit the Windows key and click Settings from the left-hand panel. Or, if you are a keyboard kung fu practitioner you can open Settings by using the key combo Windows Key + I.


When the Settings app opens click on System from the list.


Then click on Multitasking from the menu on the left. Then on the right scroll down until you see the “Timeline” section. Under the Alt + Tab section click the dropdown menu under “Pressing Alt + Tab shows.”

alt tab timeline

Then select “Open windows only” from the dropdown menu.

windows only

That’s all there is to it. The next time you use Alt+Tab no Microsoft Edge tabs will appear in the task switcher.

Note that from that menu you can also select “Open windows and all tabs in Edge” “Open windows and 5 most recent tabs in Edge”, and “Open windows and 3 most recent tabs in Edge.” You might want to experiment with some of the different settings. Sometimes you might want some of your recent tabs to appear in the task switcher when you press Alt+Tab. But if you find it annoying that all the tabs appear by default the good news is you can change it.

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