How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

We recently showed you how Google Chrome users recover deleted bookmarks. If you’re a Firefox user and have accidentally deleted bookmarks, you are in luck. Restoring bookmarks in Firefox is easy. The only downside is that it deletes any bookmarks you might have added since an accidental deletion, so jump on it quick. Here’s how.

Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Firefox

Open Firefox and hit Ctrl+Shift+B on your keyboard.

If you accidentally deleted bookmarks, you can recover them by clicking on the Organize button and select Undo or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z.

If you didn’t know, the groovy thing about Firefox is it automatically creates a backup of your bookmarks regularly. If you deleted any bookmarks a few days back, you can restore them. Click on Import and Backup and select Restore. It will show you all the backups created. Select the bookmark file you want.

Click OK to confirm.

It’s always a good idea to manually create a backup of bookmarks on a regular basis, too.

Just export the bookmarks to an HTML file by clicking on Import and Backup. Then select Export bookmarks to HTML. In case you accidentally delete a bookmark, you can restore it manually by importing the bookmark file.

Also, remember you can use Firefox Sync — in Firefox 4.0 or later to manage your bookmarks in Firefox across devices.



  1. Quinn  

    Another way not mentioned to restore more than one recently accidentally deleted bookmark -without having to restore all bookmarks -which could replace other bookmarks RECENTLY bookmarked that day is to #1 PRESS CTRL + SHIFT + B (at the same time on your keyboard). This will open the “Bookmarks Library”. Step #2 What you want to do NOW -is hit the Organize menu -scroll down and click Undo. Your missing bookmark will re-appear instantaneously. And yes it works for multiple deleted bookmarks, just tried it, on 3. They all, re-appeared.

  2. Lindsay Mac  

    Thank you so much, even Firefox couldn’t help me with their suggestions.
    This was so easy and totally recommended.

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