How To Record Calls on an Android Smartphone

If you live on your Android phone all day, recording important calls is sometimes necessary to remember the details of vital conversations. Call Recorder is a free app that does just that.

Recording calls on your Android device can be a necessary in some situations, for various reasons. If you live on your phone all day, it helps to remember what you discussed during a business meetings and other deals. Here’s an easy way to do it.

Note: Laws regarding recording calls vary between countries and states. Make sure you familiarize yourself with what the law requires, and not record a call without the other person’s permission.

With that out, of the way, Call Recorder is a free app for recording calls on your Android device. It even works if you’re using Google Voice on your computer. There’s a paid version, too, which allows you to easily share recordings.

Call Recorder Android App

Once the app is installed, enable recording from its main interface, by clicking the button on the top left side.

Enable Recording

While recording, you’ll see a notification on the screen.

Call recorded notification

In Settings you can change the way notifications are displayed, the recording format, quality, and more.

Call Recorder Settings

You’ll find all of the recordings listed as the name the other person has in the phone book, in the app’s main interface, and it includes a search feature too. Clicking an entry will take you to your smartphone’s default audio player, where you can listen to the respective recording. You can also find them in the Call Recorder folder, in your smartphone’s internal memory.

Recorded Calls

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