Protect Windows Against Viruses with Malware Prevention Troubleshooter

To help keep your Windows computer secure and up-to-date, a good place to start is with the Microsoft Malware Prevention tool. It detects problems and auto fixes them.

Want to make sure your Windows computer is set to defend against viruses and malicious code? Microsoft offers a fee online tool called Malware Prevention troubleshooter (again no points to MS for naming conventions) that will scan your computer and make sure Windows is patched and its security software is up-to-date.

Run the Microsoft Malware Prevention tool. It’s part of the Microsoft Fix It Center.

Microsoft Fixit

Then you have the option to have it scan your system and fix detected problems automatically, or if you like more control over your system, select the second option.

Malware Prevention

After the scan simply select the fixes to apply and click Next. For some fixes, like enabling UAC, a restart of your computer is required.

Diagnostic Complete

It also generates a detailed report that you can look through and save.

Troubleshooting Report

Download Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter

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