Protect Your Kids’ Hearing by Restricting Volume Levels On Their iPod

Kids love to crank the tunes on their iPod touch insanely loud. Considering their MP3s aren’t super quality anyway, the additional volume doesn’t help their hearing.

Kids love to crank the music levels on their iPod to eardrum busting levels. I know I did when I had my Sony Walkman. The best my parents could do then was yell at me to turn it down. But with iOS, parents can restrict how loud the music levels can go.

Set Volume Restrictions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Go to Settings > Music and scroll down and tap Volume Limit. Then adjust the slider to a lower level that you want the device to max out at.

Music Volume Limit iOS

Next go back to the main menu in Settings and tap General, scroll down and tap Restrictions.

General Restrictions

When you set up Restrictions on iOS, you’ll need to enable a four digit passcode. Make sure to pick something secure that your kid won’t know.


Scroll down again and tap Volume Limit, then check “Don’t Allow Changes” and you’re done!

Volume Limit Restriction Changes

Now if your kid tries to crank up the volume to the new Justin Bieber song, it will only go as loud as you set the volume for. That’s good for their ears, and good for you because you don’t have to hear it on long family trips.

In fact, you might want to set a volume limit on your own iOS device. There’s been many times when I have launched an app or song while wearing headphones and didn’t realize the volume was maximized…very annoying.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve Krause

    June 21, 2013 at 8:09 am

    HUGE plus for parents I think. My kids only play games with our iphone/ipads and hate putting the ear buds in their ears however once they start listening to music, this will be a great goto-post.

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