Google Trends Predicts The End Of Facebook [groovyNews]

Groovy Tech News, Tips, and How-toIn an earlier article, we took a look at how to use Google to track global flu trends in search.  This time we’re going to use Google Trends to track the status of Facebook. According to the results, many Facebook members are attempting to flee, or at least wanting to know how.  Here on groovyPost, we’ve covered How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account and surprise surprise. The trends are accurate.  It’s our most popular article here on, and now that some huge sites are linking to it (check out reason #3), its popularity is growing!


Facebook has always had somewhat shady policies, but some of the latest terms of service don’t exactly make one feel comfortable about sharing their personal information anymore.  The result?  Well, just take a look at the Google Trends chart below.

google trends predcts facebooks death


Searches for deleting your Facebook are on the rise, and it’s a steep hill.  The chart also shows the spikes for “facebook privacy” searches which coincide near perfectly with each new policy update from Facebook.

Do you think Facebook will shrivel up like the current state of Myspace?  Post your thoughts below in the comment section.


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  1. emily kate

    Sure, it’ll be the new MySpace, just as long as something comes along to replace it, with virtually the same features.

    • grooveDexer

      @emily kate – 100% agreed, all Facebook was to begin with is the “next myspace fad”

      Originally what made Myspace AND Facebook popular was that they were simple social networking sites. Go online, talk about yourself, and meet other people.
      However they’ve gone so far beyond that with “Apps” and third parties trying to monetize everything within the closed environments they’ve created. Just logging in makes one feel like they are going to have 20 Farmville requests shoved down their throats and updates from people they don’t care about talking about lolcats.

      I think when you combine that with the INSANE privacy issues, well yeah Facebook is heading for a deadline.

  2. grooveDexer

    A discussion in the groovyPost community forum has started regarding the future of Facebook.

  3. Pavel

    Of course its on the rise, because the number of total FB users is increasing as well.

    • caracal1788

      You’re right, Pavel. Anyone who has attended even a basic lecture in statistics should know that these trending figures have no statistical meaning unless they are presented as a the proportion of Facebook users against time.

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