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Stop Websites from Tracking Your Physical Location in IE 10

Websites often use various types of tracking to deliver ads suited to your browsing behavior, Facebook Likes, physical location and more. If you’re uncomfortable with websites tracking your physical location, Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 and Windows 7 allows you to stop sties from asking for it.

Disable Physical Location Tracking Internet Explorer 10

In Windows 8, launch the modern / metro style version of IE 10 and hit Windows Key + C to bring up the Charms bar (or swipe from the right edge of the screen on a touchscreen) and select Settings.

Settings Charms Bar

Then select Internet Options.

Internet Options

Under Permissions, switch Ask for Location to Off, and Clear sites you’ve already gave permissions for and start over.

ask location Off

On the desktop version of IE 10 in Windows 8 or Windows 7, click Settings (Gear icon) and then Internet Options.

Win7 IE 10 Settings

Then click the Privacy tab and check the box “Never Allow Websites to Request Your Physical Location” and you can clear site requests here too.

Windows 7 IE 10 Privacy

Note: Changing this setting in the modern version of IE 10 in Windows 8 will change it on the Desktop version as well…or vice-versa.

IE 10 Win8 Desktop privacy

If you want to further protect your privacy online, check out Ron White’s article on enabling the Do Not Track Setting in the major browsers.

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  1. LZMurray March 17, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    You might consider adding a comment about what is good or bad about supplying your location.
    That is for example what do I lose by turning this feature off.

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