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How To Print from Windows 8 Metro Style Apps

You already know how to set up a printer and use it with the Desktop environment and print the way you have with every version of Windows. But, printing from Metro Style apps is a different story. Here’s a look at how to do it, and which apps support printing.

If you haven’t connected your printer to your Windows 8 system, check out my article on how to set up a printer in Windows 8.

Add a Printer

Printing from a Metro App…wait, I mean Modern UI-Style Apps as they might be called…maybe, but I digress, that will be a topic for our podcast the TechGroove.

While in one of these apps, use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + K to bring up the Devices menu. Or, use Ctrl + P – in some apps — to bring up printers only. Here I’m bringing up the Devices menu from the Windows 8 Mail app. Click on the printer you want to use.
Devices Metro

Then it displays some basic printer settings you can adjust.

Printer Settings

Or, click More Settings to display even more options. For instance here I want to change the Output Quality to Draft because it’s only text I’m printing. After selecting the settings to use with your printer, click the Print button.

More Printer Settings

On the Desktop, you can print using Ctrl + P or File >> Print for Office docs and other apps that support printing.

Word 2013

Keep in mind that the options and settings you get will vary depending on the make and model of your printer. I was able to print using Windows Key + K or Ctrl + P for Maps, Mail, Photos and IE 10. As you can tell, Modern UI Style Apps in Windows 8 aren’t very printer friendly. I assume Microsoft wants everyone to carry around a Surface Tablet. At least there’s the ability to print from some Metro Style apps.

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