Remove Background from Photos with Adobe Photoshop : Part 2 – Advanced Techniques

Part two in our series — Ultimate guide for removing backgrounds from photos with Adobe Photoshop — Advanced Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop

Today I will be continuing my series on how to remove backgrounds from images using Adobe Photoshop. In part one of the series, I explained how to remove backgrounds using basic tools including:

  1. Magic Eraser tool
  2. Background Eraser tool
  3. Magic Wand Tool
  4. Quick Selection tool
  5. Color Range tool

Now let’s take a look at more advanced tools which although are a bit trickier, will give you an even more superior result!

Editing in Photoshop Quick Mask Mode

Although we have already shown you how to use Quick Mask Mode when changing a specific color in photos, it’s still worth a quick look and revisits when it comes to using it for background removal.

Extract Filter (CS3 Only)

The Extract Filter is an old, yet effective method for background removal. It is available only in Photoshop CS3 and is not present in any other version of Photoshop. Kind of makes me wonder why Adobe removed this feature, keeping in mind that it did work pretty well. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

Magnetic & Polygonal Lasso Tool

If you’re ready to step it up and start working with some more serious selections, the Magnetic Lasso Tool and the Polygonal Lasso Tool are a good place to start. Simple, effective, and offering plenty of fidelity based on the type of image you’re working on.

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