How To Personalize the Ads Google Shows You

Google offers the ability to personalize the ads you’re being shown while using Gmail and Search. Here’s how with the Google Ads Preferences Manager.

Google Ads are something very common and display users advertising according to various criteria. An interesting thing is that Google offers the ability to personalize the ads you’re being shown. Here’s how with the Google Ads Preferences Manager. 

google ads preferences manager

There are two types of ads that you can personalize. There’s the ones you see when using Google search and the ads displayed in Gmail.

Now, let’s say you don’t want to see ads from a certain advertiser anymore. Log in to your Google Account and you click the small blue circled “i” icon next to the ad. A small pop up message comes up, click Ads Preferences. 

google ads why this ad

You’re brought to the page to change your Google Ads preferences. Under “Why These Ads” click the “Block this Advertiser” link.

google ads block advertiser

If you blocked an advertiser by mistake or want to see ads from the company again, click Blocked advertisers on the right side of the page. Then click Unblock next to the advertiser you want to see ads from.

google ads preferences manager unblock advertiser

You can also opt out of seeing personalized ads altogether. This means that ads will still be relevant to the topic on the site, but won’t be personalized to your tastes. You can do this if you’re a stickler for privacy. But I’d rather see ads that could be helpful to me. 

google ads preferences manager opt out search gmail

You can control the categories of ads displayed on websites you visit too. Click “Ads on the Web” on the left side of the page. Then tailor your ads based on categories and demographic.

google ads preferences manager web ads

I’m glad to see that Google has introduced this. I might as well make the ads I see more useful for me. 

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