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Add Your Address to Windows 8 Mail

If you want to easily keep track of your messages from Windows 8, you can add the account to its Mail app. Then you can see what’s in your inbox at a glance of the live tile on the Start screen.

From the Windows 8 Start screen click the Mail tile.

Launch Windows 8 Mail Client

When the Mail app launches, hit Windows Key + I to bring up the Settings menu with Accounts selected. Hit Enter.


Now click Add an Account.

Add an Account

Then select Outlook.


Next, type in your address and password then click Connect.

Enter Account Info

Then wait while Mail adds your account and collects messages.

Adding Account

After your account is added, it adds your Folders, Contacts and Calendar entries associated with the account. In my tests, aliases did not transfer over.

Add Calendar

When compose a message in Windows 8 Mail, you’ll be able to select from any other email accounts you’ve added.

choose account

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