Change the Outlook 2013 Calendar Weather to Celsius

Outlook 2013 has a new weather widget included within the Calendar tab. By default it’s set to Fahrenheit, but you can change it to Celsius or even completely disable it depending on your preference.

If you’re using Outlook from a country that recognizes Celsius as the national standard, then the default Fahrenheit temperature measurement system may not work for you. Or, perhaps you don’t like having the Weather displayed in the Outlook calendar at all? If either is the case, here is how you can fix it.

outlook 2013 weather disable or change to celsius

Click the File menu to enter backstage view and click the Options button.

outlook backstage view options

In Outlook Options click the Calendar tab.

calendar outlook options

Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a Weather category. Here you can uncheck the “Show weather on the calendar” to disable it. Or just switch the temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Click OK to save the changes and exit.

show weather on the calendar in celsius or fahrenheit

Now your calendar will display the weather in the measurement system you prefer.

weather in celsius

Or, if you disabled the weather the Search box will lengthen and take up the space previously used by the weather display.

weather disabled



  1. chrisp666  

    a country that recognizes Celsius as the national standard” – or the entire world apart from the US, PLUS the scientific community!

    • Ding Ding!

      The US just likes to be different…..

    • Luc  

      I guess you mean the Scientific Community ouside the US… or the one in the US not delaing with the rest of the world… Thx for the post.

  2. ToddG  

    Thanks Austin, easy and important improvement. I appreciate you posting.

  3. Elle  

    Thanks – appreciate the helpful post :)

  4. Mario  

    Thanks for this – I was actually looking for changing it in the Add-Ins section in OL2013.
    Did not expect it to be under the Calendar section…

    • You’ve very welcome Mario. At first I thought it was a useless feature but I’ve come to use it more and more.

      Thnx for the feedback.

  5. Tadas  

    That was useful, thanks!

  6. Jim  

    Thank you, much appreciated!

  7. Prasul Pradeep  

    Nice it worked like a charm

  8. Liz Macfadyen  

    Cheers! Seems so simple when you know how.

  9. Angela Baker  

    Thanks Austin. That was really bugging me. Fahrenheit means nothing to me these days!

  10. Julie  

    Thanks this helped a lot. I intensively dislike windows 2010 and email+excel 2013, thankfully I still have 2007 on my laptop at home

  11. Vlad  

    Thanks, it helped!

  12. Sal  

    is there a way we can push this change via GPO? I can’t seem to find an option in Outlook 2016 admx files.

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