Outlook 2010: How To Change the Default Reminder for Appointments

Pop-up reminders are a nice feature of calendar appointments in Outlook 2010. By default, appointment reminders pop-up 15 minutes prior to the start of an appointment. For me, this normally isn’t enough time so let’s review how to change the default to a more reasonable time.

Open Outlook 2010 and Click File >> Options

Outlook 2010 - File, Options

Click the Calendar Tab and under Calendar options, adjust the default reminders from 15 minutes to your desired time.

Outlook 2010 Calendar Options

I hate being late for appoints which is why I personally set 1 hour as my default on all Outlook installs.




  1. Cathy Palmer

    Thank you so much for posting this. I actually wanted to turn OFF all automatic reminders, and using your steps, I got to the spot where I could figure out how to do that.
    thanks again

  2. Dean

    Thanks, this only affects meetings created by you… is there any way to change the default reminder for meetings created by others and accepted by you?

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