How to Fix Slow Orientation Problems On the Android Samsung Galaxy

samsung galaxy epic 4g - screen orientation fix

A groovy reader recently wrote to us in an email:

“Hi groovy guys, I recently updated my Samsung Epic 4G to Froyo, Android 2.2.1.  Since the update my screen orientation has been messed up.  It takes about 4-8 seconds for it to change orientation, and I usually have to also shake the phone for it to work.

-Redd B.”

Thanks for the question Redd, it turns out that the recent 2.2.1 update for the Epic 4G did have quite a few glitches, so much so that Sprint and Samsung recalled the update.  But, addressing just your laggy screen orientation problem, we have two different solutions.

One way is to hard-reset (completely wipe all your data) your phone and set it back to Android 2.1 while you wait for an update.  The alternative is an easy make-shift fix that should solve the problem, and below we’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps! 

Step 1

From your Home Screen, Press the Menu button on the outside of the phone.  Now Tap Settings.

open android settings from home menu

Step 2

Tap Display.

display settings

Step 3

Scroll down and Tap Horizontal calibration, then get ready for the fun part!

horizontal calibration screen settings

Step 4

Place the phone face down on a flat surface.  You’ll need to Press the button while it is upside down so you’ll need to leave the bottom of the phone hanging off the edge.  

If the phone is having trouble balancing over the edge, you can place something flat and heavy on one side of it; such as a book.

pictured is a samsung galaxy epic 4g hanging halfway off of a desk

While the phone is upside down Press the Calibrate button.

Don’t touch the phone for at least 5 seconds after pressing Calibrate!  The phone needs to calibrate during this time and touching it could mess up the whole process.  If you do accidently mess it up, you can just repeat the process to fix it.

view from underneath: a facedown samsung galaxy epic 4g on the calibration screen

When the calibration has finished it will briefly display a small box that says “Calibrated.”

android calibration screen complete


Now your phone should be fixed so that it instantly rotates to the appropriate landscape.  While this may be more of a “hack” than an actual fix, Samsung owners aren’t left with much other option due to the company’s lack of functioning updates.

samsung galaxy viewing internet browser groovypost in landscape view



  1. mike hopkins

    Thanks to you whom ever you are. This is the only problem I had when I updated to Froyo, Android 2.2.1. Everything else seems to work just fine.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad my phone is finally updated to Froyo.

  3. Arlene

    Hey thanx 4 da all da help….i tried diz like 100 times b 4 I read ur page and it did not work 4 me…i guess my phone is stubborn lol but thanx…

  4. Wendy

    OMG, Thank you so much. I was ready to do a hard-reset, but I just did not want to lose everything on my phone. Though the solution sounded totally goofy, I did just as you said and it worked perfectly the very first time! Thank you so much for taking the time to post pictures and write such a great solution for such an unbelievably annoying issue! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!

    • MrGroove

      @Wendy – Awesome feedback! I’m glad the groovyPost helped you out!

      Hope to see you around my blog!

  5. James

    Thanks! I tried it without turning the phone upside down multiple times with no result! Works perfectly fine now!

    • MrGroove

      Excellent James! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Tom Jones

    Great tip…

  7. kawline

    fix worked perfectly ~ thank you sooo much!

  8. Zac

    This was really helpful. Thank you :-) after initially installing, the accelerometer was ultra sensitive… calibrated and got the opposite problem. Upside-down got things perfect. Cheers!

  9. Christine

    I tried this but now my screen doesn’t rotate at all (unless I pull the keyboard out). Anyone have a suggestion to fix the fix?

  10. Felipe

    Thank you so much for this info!!! Sounds like it makes no sense whether it faces up or down, but I guess it does to the phone!!! I was so frustrated by having to shake it or open the keyboard. Now, works like a charm, thanks for you help!

  11. Sandi

    OMG, it worked!!! Thank you so much I can’t believe it this has been driving me crazy for weeks; even the morons at the Sprint store couldn’t help me and were absolutely clueless! Now that the orientation is resolved can you please, please help me with the other issues I’m having, when I send out email from my Epic the recipient sees odd characters within my email…..they see these characters which seems to replace the enter key when I press enter to go the next line, it’s driving me absolutely crazy and also my auto capitalization and punctuation are not working. I need help please!!

  12. zac

    Sorry to be OT here… but in reply to Sandi. Seems like you are diven to craziness pretty often…. well you can rest easy about your auto capitalization. From any home screen, hit the menu key first from the left… go to ‘settings’ then select locale and text. There are three submenus you’ll want to check out to see if auto caps are turned on. One for each input method. Swype, android keyboard or the samsung keypad. There are also auto punctuation settings here so you will not be driven to shutter island when something goes wrong with that setting. :-)

    • Sandi

      Hi Zac,
      Thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate it….but that is what’s been driving me crazy because I’ve gone through the settings so many times and all the correct items are checked, I’ve tried removing and going back to select it and it never corrects. I’ve been having these problems since the update; are all 3 selections for the keyboard suppose to be selected? I’ve tried both and can’t seem to get it right. Also since the update when I’m using email and click the return/enter key to go to the next line, it’s inserting weird characters, eg, , that I don’t see on my end when sending the email, however the recipient sees it and when they reply then I can see it in my reply. Have you heard of this issue? My email looks so awful!!

    • Sandi

      Sorry these are the characters that the recipient sees in the body of my email:


    • Sandi


      Ok I thought I was my mind, I typed in the example of the weird characters in my first reply after eg, and when I submitted I saw they were gone and thought I forgot to put it in, so I sent an additional reply and put the same character string after it says email:
      The example disappeared again! That’s weird but the characters I see are a less than sign and in between the 2 are the letters “br” , for some reason when I put it all together like I see it in my email it disappears, cuz it’s not in both of the replies. I don’t get it! :-) See Manny Ortiz’s issue….seems like he’s having a similar problem to mine. Ugh this update…..however the update did resolve my connection and drop calls issue, if it wasn’t for improving those 2 major issues with me I would definitely be PO’d. After going through all the issues I had with service connection and dropped calls, the issues I’m experiencing now seem so minor!


  13. Manny Ortiz

    I updated my Android Samsung Galaxy to 2.2.1 feature and now when I respond to my emails, my end user sees coding errors in the body of the email. Here is an example.
    Was this sent from cell?Thank You,Manny OrtizStraightline Communications
    Can youhelp me fix this? Samsung doesn’t know the fix to this. We are currently using 2007 exchange server for our corporate emails.

    Thank you,

    • Sandi

      Hi Manny,
      Please see my reply to Zac, I’m having similar problems with email and strange characters that the recipient sees, but I don’t see until I receive a reply and I don’t have a clue why some things are disappearing in the body of my reply to Zac, it has happened 3 times now, there must be some coding thing with the less than and greater than signs because I’m on my laptop and not on my Epic. If you receive a reply on your issue can you send me a reply as well. I’ve been trying to find a fix and haven’t been successful.

      Thank you.

  14. Sandi

    Hi Manny,
    Here is a reply from the Samsung website to one of my questions regarding this issue: Good luck hope it works!

    Thank you for your correspondence.
    Regarding your concern, we recommend removing the email account that you have setup on the Samsung Epic™ 4G Android Smartphone (SPH-D700), and then set it up again.
    For you to remove email account, please follow the steps below:
    1. From the Home screen, press on Menu or select Applications.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Accounts and sync.
    4. Select the email account setup.
    5. Select Remove account.
    For you to setup again the email account:
    1. From the Home screen, press on Menu or select Applications.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Accounts and sync.
    4. Select Add account.
    5. Touch the icon of the email account.
    6 Enter username and password, and then set the desired settings.
    Should this troubleshooting step did not work; we invite to contact our Customer Support Center as they can troubleshoot this issue in a timelier manner than we could through forum correspondence.
    At your earliest convenience, please call Samsung Customer Support by phone at our toll free number 1-888-987-4357 1-888-987-4357, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Central Standard Time.
    Again, we thank you for comments and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
    We appreciate your continued interest in Samsung products.

    Good luck, hope it works.

  15. Manny

    Hi Sandi and Zac,
    Well, I have tried everything that you have suggested and i’m still experiencing the same issue with the characters. I spent 2 hours with Samsung and they were no help. They made me wipe my phone clean and start from scratch. I’m still having the same issue. Well it seems like I’m not the only with this issue, I only hope that Samsung can put out a new update to correct this. Oh by the way, my partner has the same issue and Sprint has placed a complaint to Samsung about this new bug. It’s only a matter of time before they put out a new update. Wishing I could go back to pagers!

  16. Angel

    Thanks for this solution guys! I was also having the orientation issue after the 2.2 update & calibrated my phone a myriad of times, but never thought of trying this “face-down” method… worked perfectly. Now my Epic 4G changes orientation in about one second as opposed to 4-8 as mentioned in the reader’s email.

    Thanks again!
    ~ Epic 4G user

  17. scott


  18. Jonathan

    Excellent tip! Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why apps like Bubble Level and Backbreaker wouldn’t fully work on my Epic 4G that I got in early April. With Bubble Level, only the flat table level feature worked (not the horizontal or vertical bubble level), and with Backbreaker, the tilt function to move our player forward or slow him down wouldn’t work. Since it was my first smartphone, I just figured that feature wasn’t supported, despite calibrating multiple times. After seeing the Bubble Level program work on a different android phone, I decided to do some searching to see if I was calibrating my phone correctly, and came across your page. When I saw that this addressed the slow response time between orientation changes (especially noticeable on newsreaders like the NYTimes app) which I also was experiencing, I was excited to try this fix. I did, and now I’m even more amazed by my phone. It switches from horizontal to vertical orientations so much faster, and apps that incorporate this feature now work perfectly! Thanks again!!!

  19. J

    Wow, awesome fix. Thank you so much!!!

  20. nat v.

    This works!!! I been tryin to figure this out for hours n hours. I was abt to give up and take this over to my phone store…etc etc..
    Thanks for the tip!!!! Yahhh :-)

  21. si

    thank you so much!! Its really a big help.=))

  22. Gordon

    Thanks for the heads up on the screen orientation problem. So far that worked,must be something to do with turning the gyro upside down,any way much better fix then hard drive reset.

  23. bryan

    Thanks a lot. Great tip. This actually worked. Had tried calibration with phone “righ-side up” and didn’t work well still. Even took to Sprint who re-set the phone; that still didn’t solve the problem.

    Turning it upside down and calibrating did. Thank you!

  24. erick

    Wow guy!!! Thanks, it worked perfectly!!!!

  25. Mighty

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Tons of calibrating didn’t work. So I was told to take it to a Sprint Service Center. The dumbass “Tech” there told me to reset the phone, which means wiping out all the apps (I was only able to save the Contacts to the SD card).

    This FACE DOWN calibration fixed the delay that sometimes took over 1 minute to rotate.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  26. Michelle

    Yeh! It worked for me too!!

  27. juan


    • MrGroove

      @Juan – Awesome!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  28. Genevieve

    Not only did this not work, but now my screen won’t flip at all unless I open the keyboard. Help!

  29. Raun

    My wife and both have the epic 4g with the this slow orientation problem. The sales techs at a third party Sprint said that very slow orientation is normal. Even theirs oriented slowly. The Sprint company store said it was software and I just had to wait until the fix came out. No one did the research. I found your web site and the fix works.

    Thank you very much.

  30. Curt

    Thanks much. This worked for me. Oddly enough, I did not experience the orientation issue until yesterday after installing Netflix. The installation totally broke my orientation calibration overall (I’m running Androied 2.2). It’s a shame the Sprint folks aren’t forthcoming with such solutions and that Samsung is so slow in providing system updates. Anyway, I suggest that folks don’t install Netflix on your Epic Galaxy S until Netflix/Samsung work out the bugs. Thanks again!

  31. Rick G.

    Worked great. Crazy but great!


  32. Cristina

    omg i had already reset my phone and it didnt work. im glad i looked it up! thank you soooo much for your help :)

  33. DMoney

    Sweet It worked That Update Suxed now it works again

  34. thaiha

    I am sorry but can u help me a bit further. plz ? I tried ur up-side down method so many times but it didnt work. I feel really annoyed. I just bought the phone 2 days ago. Help me, plz. Thanks a lot!

  35. JamesD

    Thank you, works awesome!

  36. V Kain

    Oh god this has been driving me nuts. I thought it was a program, or maybe the accelorometer being bad. Was constantly shaking my phone to tapping it repeatedly to a wall to get it to rotate. I was consider throwing it at a wall or off a building. This helps so much

  37. Pavan

    Beautiful !! Thank you very much sir .

  38. Jesseh

    It didn’t work for me either, siiigh. Thanks though.

  39. hannahhashabits

    Thank you so much for this article! You saved me from having to do a factory reset on my phone. Thanks!!

  40. Lalit

    Awesome…I had seen this option before but had forgotten where it was
    Than you :-)

  41. shanaka

    how do this on samsung s2 i9100 ?
    my Samsung s2 accelerometer orientation not calibrated properly. problem with X or Y angle. how can I fix this?

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