Open Specific Websites Automatically in Chrome

Normally, when you launch Google Chrome browser, it shows you the most visited websites or the last opened pages. Many people prefer to open specific websites as soon as they start Google Chrome. If you’re one, here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Open Specific Sites in Chrome

Launch Google Chrome, click on the Wrench menu and select Settings.

chrome homepage 1

Under On Startup section, select Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages.

chrome homepage 2

Click on Set Pages button. This includes websites that you want to open at Google Chrome startup.

chrome homepage 3

Add the URL of the page you want to open and click OK.

chrome homepage 4

And you are done. Now, it will open the specified websites as soon as you start Google Chrome.



  1. Charlie Butts

    Thank you so much !!!!

  2. angelina

    I have done this and it doesn’t actually work. All the pages are listed but it has never actually auto opened the pages I need to automatically open to reduce start time in the morning.

  3. Keith Foster

    I have done this but the website hangs on asking me if I want to restore open pages or open start up pages. I want it to do it automatically and reduce start up time

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