How to Unlock and Edit PDF Files in Word 2013

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Microsoft Office 2013 includes PDF Reflow, which makes working with PDF and DOCX files much easier. Here’s how to open a PDF in Word 2013 for easy editing.

Every working professional comes across PDF files on regular basis. The problem arises when you have to either copy content from the PDF or make changes to it. Most are locked, and one way to edit them is by converting it to a .docx file which you can open in Word 2013 with the PDF Reflow feature.

When you try to copy anything from a PDF file and paste to Word, it will paste the text, but you’ll lose all formatting.

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Microsoft has a new built-in feature in Word 2013 known as PDF Reflow. This allows you to convert PDF content to Word format and keep the original formatting. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to use any third party converter or Office addon.

Opening PDF File in Word 2013

To get started, open any PDF file you want in Microsoft Word 2013.

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It will show you a warning message that Word will convert the file that may take some time depending on the size of the PDF file. Just Click Ok.

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If the document is encrypted, you won’t need to change the encryption options. Word will ask you for the password of the file before converting it to .docx format.

PDF Word 4

After that, it will show you the content in the same format of the original PDF, and you can edit it. which you can edit and make changes. It may also show a Navigation pane so you can get to different sections of the document quickly. The file can later be saved as a .docx or PDF.

PDF Word 5

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Paul Sillence  

    I have tried the above to no avail. My documents were scanned to a file on my Hp3052A and saved. When I try to open them in Microsoft Office Home and Student it states as above –word will no convert your PDf ………..The cursor just keeps blinlking and nothing else happens. It says it may take a while but I now have a son and he has a daughter.

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