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How To Disable Built-in Apps on the Google Nexus 7

On all mobile devices, there’s bound to be preinstalled apps that you never use and don’t want to see. Even on a pure Android experience like the Nexus 7. If there’s built-in apps on your tablet that you never use, and would rather disable, it’s easy to do.

Note: Before you start doing this, remember that there are some apps that shouldn’t be disabled, as it  could compromise stability and cause errors on your tablet.

Built in Android Apps

Disable Built-in Nexus 7 Apps

For this example I’m going to disable Wallet and Currents. Go to the Settings menu on your Nexus 7, and then tap Apps under Device.

Settings apps notifications

Here you’ll see a list of downloaded apps installed on your tablet. Swipe your finger over the screen until you get to All. Then scroll down until you find the app you want to disable. 

Apps all nexus 7

Click the app you want to disable and, in the window that comes up, tap Disable.

Nexus 7 default apps disable

Then confirm the action.

Confirm disable default app Nexus 7

That’s it! The app is now disabled. As a demonstration, here I disabled Google Wallet and Currents. Neither of the shortcuts for the apps display.

Built-in Shortcuts Disabled

If you want to enable an app again later, just follow the same steps and tap the Enable button. Or you can enable them again via the Play Store.

 Enable via Play

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