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Groovy Windows News, Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Reviews, Downloads, Updates, Help, And AnswersRecently Microsoft updated Windows Live for its Windows Mobile operating system.  As some of the functionality of Live was already available, the update includes several enhancements and packs many of the features of Windows Live into a single application for mobile phones.  After taking a deeper look into this release, here’s what I’ve been able to glean.

Windows Live for Windows Mobile is similar to Windows Live for PC; it’s just mobile.  It’s a groovy update because now you have everything you need in one spot.  If you’ve been running MSN messenger and other applications on your mobile phone, you should toss them out and just use this one application!

As Microsoft puts it:

Now  you can stay connected to those that matter most with Windows Live™ for Windows® phone. Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail®, Photos and the “What’s New” feed are now all available on your 6.x Windows® phone. Windows Live™ for Windows® phone (Pro) is for use with a touch phone.

To use Windows Live mobile you’ll need to have Windows Mobile/Phone 6.0 or higher operating system.

Where to download Windows Live for Windows Mobile

1. You can pick up your copy of Windows Live mobile at the Microsoft download site.  There are two different versions available.

2. Alternatively, you can pick up Windows Live directly from your mobile phone from the windows mobile websiteBe sure to get the right version for your type of phone!

how to install windows live from your mobile phone

Once you’ve finished the installation, Windows Live should show up on your Windows Mobile desktop, and you can get started. No more need for messenger and other applications!

where windows live appears on your windows mobile desktop

What features come with Windows Live for Windows Mobile?

  • Windows Live Messenger
    • Instant Message and Chat with all of your contacts who also have Live Messenger
  • Hotmail or Windows Live mail
    • Free email service provided by Microsoft
  • Bing Search
    • Microsoft’s new search engine, transformed from their old Live search
  • Live Contacts
    • Your online Hotmail and Live address book
  • Windows Live Home
    • Windows Live home has a new layout for Photo’s, News, and People

For a list of phones that work with Windows Mobile check out the official Microsoft compatible device page.

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