Windows 7 SP 1 Now Widely Available, Just Kidding

Windows 7 - Service Pack 1 Release ImminentMicrosoft has released the first Service Pack for Windows 7 to OEMs, a post on Microsoft’s Russian Technet blog said, right before the company decided to correct it.  Microsoft stated that SP 1 was not yet released, but that it is still on track for a Q1 release, as per their preexisting schedule.

The premature announcement showed a Windows Server 2008 “About” Window running build 7601 of the operating system. This lead everyone to believe that the Service Pack will soon be available to all users, via web.

This time around, SP 1 for Windows 7 is expected to be a bit more than just a round-up of all the security hot-fixes that Microsoft has pushed through its update service in the last few months. The Release Candidate (RC) was ready in October and had a file size of a whopping  ~860 MB for the 64-bit Windows 7, so this is no small update.  Some are thinking this will be closer to the XP SP2 which contained many a ton a new features updates.

Now, some torrent sites are already boasting versions of “7601”, but we wouldn’t recommend installing it until a final version comes from Microsoft.  Who knows what “nice” malware surprises the torrent files could be hiding…  Better to just wait for the real thing.

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