What do you love? Google Wants to Know!

It seems that Google fans get new services to rejoice about every few weeks. After a few powerful new search features a few weeks ago, very shortly Google should be announcing yet another service release shortly – What Do You Love. is a fairly straight forward Google Search portal which puts a new spin on Google Search.  Just type in a specific topic like a food, singer, band, author, whatever and Google will provide you with dozens of way to read, listen, learn or dive into that topic through all kinds of different mediums.

I played with it a few minutes ago and by typing in the name of my favorite sports team and I everything from Picasa pictures, videos, Google Translate translations, 3D renderings of its stadium, the possibility to email someone about that team and tons of other stuff.

Also, even if the service does have a Product search box, I didn’t get any results in it (as you can see below)

The service wasn’t officially announced by Google yet, so the portal will certainly get some improvements soon.  Still, it’s groovy to get a sneak peek.


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