Welcoming grooveDexter to the Community

grooveDexter Although several of you have probably already noticed, I figured it’s about time I formally introduce my close friend to the groovyPost community!  groovyDexter is a longtime friend and regular contributor to the groovyPost community (Both on and our groovy Community Forums.)

Over the coming months, you can bet you will see a lot more of groovyDexter and his articles popping up on the site, and you can always find him in our forums as well!  I really appreciate his help in keeping the site informative and fresh!


Thanks everyone!





  1. JohnT

    Hey all right! Never noticed there were 2 of you writing! Thanks for the FYI!!

  2. anne

    Always thought you were a big team the amount of useful information you turn out.
    Mrs Sycophant!

    • MrGroove

      There are a few of us keeping the site rolling yes. ;)

      Are you a long-time reader?

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