Friday Fun: Ditch Airports, Security Lines, and Cramped Seats–Get A Jetpack!

Water powered jetpack makes its debutLately people have been buzzing nothing but complaints about airports, security, and the cost of airfare.  Of course these complaints are nothing new, but I’ll tell you what is;  A jetpack! By the end of this year you could be traveling by jetpack, though it isn’t quite the same as the one Mr. Bond used to make a quick getaway in Thunderball

Canadian inventor Raymond Li has spent the last 10 years working on this project, and it’s finally seeing the light of success.  He calls the invention JetLev, and unlike the commonly conceived rocket powered jetpacks that you’ve seen in James Bond movies and The Rocketeer, this one is powered by water.  The pack weighs approximately 30 lbs, and produces 430 lbs of thrust that will allow you to fly up to speeds of 22 mph at a maximum height of 30 feet.

Ramond Li was able to achieve a lightweight and fuel efficient rocket pack by attaching a 33 foot hose to a specialized Jet-Ski.  The Jet-Ski has a 215-260hp engine and also holds the fuel and larger pumps.  Because it’s on water, the Jet-Ski is simply pulled behind the JetLev and the drag created  by this actually helps balance the jetpack’s flight.  The pack itself is quite versatile and allows for pinpoint accurate movement – yes, it really works!  With a full tank of gas this baby can provide up to 2 hours of flight time.

Below is a demonstration of their working success last year and some have reported that many vacation resorts in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mediterranean are currently adding these machines to their repertoire.  But, they don’t come cheap – according to NewScientist each unit is going to cost around $99,500.

So what do you think?  Would you want to take a jetpack for a ride out on the water?

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1 Comment

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