Verizon Passes On The Nexus One, Launches Droid Incredible [groovyNews]

Groovy Google News, Tips, and How-toFor Verizon, the Nexus One might have been tempting, but they decided not to bite.    Instead, Verizon is going its own route and releasing a new Droid, the Incredible.

According to Bloomberg, Verizon has completely lost interest in the Nexus One despite the months advertising it as “coming to Verizon Spring 2010.”  As far as we can tell there are two primary reasons for this.



As goes with all Verizon phones, they are big on branding, and they don’t like to support unlocked phones.  The Droid Incredible ships as a Verizon exclusive with their name all over the outside and inside of it.


The Incredible Is More.  Incredible.

The specs on the Droid Incredible are nearly the same as the Nexus One, but the Incredible packs a few extra features (such as the 8-megapixel camera.)


Google’s Outlook

In a reflection of this change, Google has updated their Nexus One page and is redirecting people to purchase the Droid Incredible from Verizon instead.  Either way, I guess Google still has one more phone on their OS platform that Verizon users will be running with the Incredible so they can’t be too unhappy about it.

Verizon is no longer interested in the Nexus One, has moved onto the Droid Incredible


Still, if you want to save some money and you’re looking at whether to buy the older (and cheaper) Droid original, take a look at the comparison chart from WireFly.


The Droid Incredible went on sale April 29, 2010

Anyone out there grab the new Droid Incredible yet?  Do you have the original droid?  How do you like it Vs. the iPhone?  Drop your comments below!

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