The Nexus S 4G is Coming Soon to Sprint’s CDMA Wireless Network

Nexus S 4G Available Soon on Sprint 








Sprint is next in line to receive the pure Google experience on one of their phones.  The Nexus S is getting the 4G treatment and will be available starting May 8, 2011.  This is a big change from Google’s nearly exclusive relationship with T-Mobile.  If you’re sick of waiting for lousy manufacturers to push Android updates to your device, this is the phone to get.  The Nexus S is made by Samsung and based on their flagship, the Galaxy S.  And although the phones might be brothers, they are by no means identical.

The Nexus S is slimmer than the Galaxy, and it also has a slightly contoured design.  But, the main difference is that the Nexus S is loaded with the stock Google experience.  The Android operating system on the Nexus is is pure, unfiltered Google goodness; without the tainted hand of Samsung or another manufacturer having its way with it.  Of course, that is also the main selling point of the Nexus S.  The Nexus S is a pristine example of why hardware manufacturers should stick to making hardware, and leave the software to the companies that specialize in it.

There are a few other minor differences between the Nexus and the Galaxy, below are the specs.  Positive differences are marked in blue, negative ones in red.

SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy SNexus S 4G
Processor1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird)1Ghz Cortex A8 (HummingBird)
GPUPowerVR SGX540PowerVR SGX540
Memory512 MB DDR2512 MB DDR2
Storage1GB Internal, 16-32GB SD Card16GB iNAND flash memory, no SD
Display800 x 400 4” S AmoLED 233 ppi800 x 400 4” S AmoLED 235 ppi
Rear Camera5MP, Records 720p5MP, Records 720p, flash
Front CameraVGA quality (crappy webcam-like)VGA quality (crappy webcam-like)
Battery1500 mAh1500 mAh

This is the first 4G Google phone ever available.  I currently have the Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G, and after the the software abuse I’ve received from Samsung and Sprint -I’m 100% behind going pure Google.

Do you think it would be worth jumping ship and switching over to the Nexus?

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