Songbird For Android Launches Public Beta

Songbird comes to Android for it's first public beta!Do you like Songbird?  Do you have an Android phone?  If so, you can have some fun with this one.  Although still in testing, the media and music player Songbird now has an app available for Android.  This version will be their first public beta, and they are expecting to release a new one within the next 4 weeks (as the current one will expire).  Below we’ll take a quick look at the app and show off some screenshots.

Songbird has been available on the iPhone and other iOS devices for some time now, and even though it is about time it comes to Android the Songbird team is calling it their “super seeekrit” project.  That’s special… Ready to try it out?  I am, let’s do it.

The Songbird beta is not yet in the app store, so in order to install it you’ll need to allow apps from 3rd party sources to install.  Once you have that done, you’re good to go.  From your phone, Click the link below to directly download the app.

Once you download the .APK, just run it and the installation process should begin.  You’ll notice that Songbird doesn’t ask for any ridiculous access to your phone; I already like it so far!

*If you experience trouble downloading the .APK file, it is likely an issue with your browser.  I was unable to use Androids default browser to download .APK files, try a different browser such as Firefox for Android or Dolphin.


What we see in the app itself is a simple and very straight-forward interface.  There aren’t any hidden settings button on your phone doesn’t even do anything when you push it.  Considering it is a beta, it’s not bad so far, but the app isn’t anything to write home about (but you can write groovyPost about it!) Enjoy the screenshots below!

songbird for android overview screenshotsongbird songlist screenshot on android

songird song playing screen on android, screenshotsongbird android widget and shorcut screenshot

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  1. Koutheir Attouchi

    I still prefer WinAmp for Android. It has all I need, and it’s very stable and consumes low battery power.

    • grooveDexter

      I’m with you all the way on this, WinAmp is my favorite too.

      It will be interesting to see what Songbird does in an effort to compete with WinAmp though.

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