Skype to Make Up for Outage

Skype had a major outage, leaving a lot of customers unable to make video or voice calls. The outage lasted for 30 hours and the company has yet to say what caused it, but it has denied the possibility of a malware attack.

Having dissatisfied customers is the last thing Skype wants right now especially with competitors like Google offering free competing voip services.  Perhaps this is why Skype is offering to pay their customers back for the lack of service by offering them something in return. Pay-as-you go and prepaid customers will get 30 free minutes of calling, while all Skype subscribers will get a free week of subscription.

Even if the crash is said to have been isolated and attended to, there are still service issues. Video and voice calling, as well as IM, work at the moment, but some features such as group calling, were still unavailable when I wrote this article. Still, things seem to be getting back on track, even if Skype’s heartbeat is at 2/5 at the moment…

All I can say is Skype is lucky this outage occurred when it did…  A few days later and..  it wouldn’t have been at all funny to leave millions of people unable to call their loved ones for the holidays…

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