Skype Offers Group Video Conferencing to Businesses

Skype has done a lot of interesting things lately. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is the availability of voice chat for its iPhone app, which indeed opens new possibilities for people using the app on their mobile device which is a direct competitor to the much touted iPhone Facetime feature.  The company’s new offering aims at business clients, and I personally think it will be quite appreciated.

We’re talking about group video calling for businesses. Skype has been trying to do more in the business sector for a while now, and it would seem that they’re finally getting serious about it. The new feature allows Skype’s business customers to perform video calls with a number of people ranging between 3 and 10. This means that you can basically have a board meeting online, over Skype, without using an expensive video conference solution.  Wow…  What’s really interesting about the new offering is only $8.99 per month, per user.  Groovy!



  1. Jordan Austin

    /In the event anyone is interested in this new feature you can learn more about it and even get a free trial (as of 1/7/2011) here:

    • Bogdan

      Thanks for adding that!

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