PSVITA Game Handheld – Sony’s New 3DS Killer?

PSVITAWith the recent launch of the 3DS, and information security failures of the PlayStation NetNotwork, Sony has been taking it on the nose in regards to their reputation and corporate image.  Trying to get back on their feet, at E3 this week, Sony announced its latest handheld console device, the PSVITA – originally codenamed the Sony NGP. So does the name change anything Sony had promised us and will Sony’ promises come to life?  Well… I’m glad you asked!



The PSV will offer a massive 5” OLED Touchscreen, two analog sticks, SIXAXIS motion control, three-axis compass, a rear touch panel, a front and back facing camera and even more goodies in terms of specifications, which you can read here.


A handheld is no good without any good titles, is it?  Sony is saying they are working on bringing some of the best PS3 games to the PSV, and yes, the list includes LittleBigPlanet, Dynasty Warriors and Uncharted. Here’s the full PSV trailer Sony released today:

PSVITA–It’s Official!


So what’s the price of this cool geeky must-have groovy handheld you say? Well If we just told you it’s 250$, you might not believe us, so we’ll just let you go ahead and see for yourself:

PSVITA–Price Announcement


The good price, specifications and game titles that the PSV offers might just be too good to be true for me anyway and if Sony delivers, I would personally choose this over a new 360 or PS3. Only time will tell what the PSV turns out to be, so until then – keep your eyes peeled for any news and announcements, because we have yet to see a release date.

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