Internet Explorer 9 Offers a Free Month of Hulu Plus and Other Goodies

IE9 Giveaway - Free Hulu Plus for a month, groupon bucks, and a xbox 360Microsoft is going all out in promoting IE9’s new taskbar pinning feature.  In doing so they’ve teamed up with some of the big names on the web in presenting special offers to Internet Explorer 9 users.  To be eligible for these offers, the conditions are simple: pin the participating website to your taskbar, and use the IE9 jump-list links to activate your free offers.  You could earn yourself a free month of premium Hulu, or even an Xbox 360.

Albeit, these aren’t the best offers in the world by a longshot, but pinned-to-taskbar websites might be one of the few features that Microsoft has over competitors like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.  So, if you are looking for an excuse to try out IE9 –even temporarily- this could be it.  Here is what each promotional partner site is giving away:

  • Hulu
    Starting on March 28th 2011, if you sign up for Hulu Plus through a pinned Hulu IE9 window you will receive one your first month free.
  • groupon pinned to taskbarGroupon
    The first deal that you buy through a pinned Groupon IE9 window will earn you $5 in Groupon Bucks.  The jump-list will also display all of the currently active local deals.
  • Gilt
    Between March 28-30, make a purchase of $250 or more from Gilt through a pinned IE9 window and you’ll receive one of three possible prizes;  a free Xbox 360 4GB Standard Console, a Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7, or Xbox 360 Kinect 4GB Console Bundle.  Offer is only valid from March 28-30 while supplies last. For more details on this upcoming promotion register today with Gilt at
  • Slacker Radio
    Just like with Hulu, Slacker will give you one free month if you sign-up for their service through a pinned IE9 window. (Personally, I’ll stick with Pandora or Grooveshark…)
  • eBay
    During the whole month of April earn 8% additional eBay bucks on any purchases made using a pinned IE9 window.  In the month of May you can earn $5 off your first purchase.

At any rate, I think the taskbar pinning website feature of IE9 is rather groovy!  An expert-level power user won’t ever need to use a pinned website, but it will definitely come in handy when you are teaching your mom how to use the internet.  Microsoft is really riding on this pinning feature being the “next big thing,” and they might be right.  The question is, is IE9 going to have a high enough adoption rate to make this take off?

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