Picasa Web Albums Update Makes it Easier to Manage Privacy

Google Picasa Web Albums - now easier to bulk change privacy for albums

It was just the other day that a friend of mine noticed all of his Picasa albums were set to public.  We went in to try and make them private, but it turns out that each album had to be done individually.  And, when you have 87 albums it makes it nothing short of a long and annoying afternoon; after marking the first 10, we gave up with doing it manually.  Now, we’re happy to share that Google recently updated Picasa to let you change the privacy of your albums all on one page.

To change your privacy settings for multiple albums at once, just visit All Albums page of your Picasa Web Albums account.  Then Click the Edit visibility button.

Picasa web albums bulk edit privacy

An in-window pop-up will appear and it will list all of your albums along with their visibility.  If you don’t want your albums showing up to anyone who might stumble across them, change the setting to either “Anyone with the link,” or “Private.”

bulk edit album visibility

via Google Photo Blog



  1. Mico

    April 22, 2011 at 12:27 am

    To share in total privacy your Picasa album, you can use TudZu.
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    TudZu include a plugin to share your picasa album without using Picasa Web Album.
    – Create your picasa album
    – insert your picasa album in a TudZu album
    – and share it in your private network.

    Let see the following link for more explanations
    Best Regards

  2. lensman1122

    January 4, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    I’m having this problem and this solution does not work. I’m trying to change all my albums that are listed “Public” to “Anyone with Link”, however the Public albums aren’t even listed to be ABLE to change!!

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