Panasonic Prepping Release of a “Tough” Tablet

In a world with what seems to be daily announcements for new tablets, the Panasonic marketing guys must have thought long and hard about how they could compete with Apple’s 800 pound gorilla – the iPad.  Their plan?  Panasonic seems to be doing what it’s already doing (successfully, I might add), in the notebook market – make it tough!  Yes, a device that can withstand just about anything without cracking to the pressure.

According to a press release from the company, the new device will be filling a void in the Android tablet market: the need for an enterprise-grade device with a laser focus on security and durability which is perfect for road warriors, manufacturing and… oil rig operators!

In order to achieve this, Panasonic promises NOT to have a glossy screen (it’s hard to read outdoors), but it will be a well-lit one, and it will include a pen (to help sales personnel). The touchscreen will be a 10.1 inch XGA.  The Android-running tablet is also set to include GPS, a strong battery, as well as a lot of accessories and, optionally, a 3G/4G module for those needing a steady connection to the net and corporate systems.

Now, just like the Toughbook range of notebooks, this won’t be for everyone. First of all, expect a price that will put off normal consumers who mainly just want to look pretty at Starbucks while surfing the web.  Still, just like their notebooks, it will be perfect for people who are always on the move and have other things to worry about besides getting a few drops of coffee on their tablet.

The press release didn’t speak to availability of the new ToughBook Tablet however Panasonic will be showing it off today at InfoComm so my guess is it’s just a matter of time before your corporate IT shop can snag you one.

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