Nvidia’s Launches New 3D Content Website

Nvidia has recently launched a website that’s dedicated to 3D images and videos, probably just to contradict people saying that there is no content for 3D equipment. Well, now there’s a bit more! :)

The website is called 3D Vision Live and it features quite a bit of content that can be enjoyed if you own a 3D stereoscopic kit and, especially, some of the devices featuring Nvidia’s own 3D Vision technology. A full list of system requirements is available.  The website will stream 3D movie trailers, music videos, sports content and photos in the future. It could be a good starting point for users buying a 3D kit.

Even if 3D technology is not that widespread at the moment, things seem to be looking up for it, with notebooks by manufacturers like Asus, Acer and Toshiba incorporating Nvidia’s technology.  3DTV is also starting to become big on the market and there are various technologies giving the 3D effect so this will be interesting to see what exactly the angle is that Nvidia’s angling for here…

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