New iPad 2 coming soon. Very soon…

Now that CES is over, everyone is waiting for a serious announcement from Apple, and according to Digg founder Kevin Rose, quoting a “good authority”, the announcement is coming very soon.

The same source says that it will have front and back cameras, as well as a retina display, but another source told Rose that the display will have a higher dpi, but it technically won’t be a retina one. Now, considering the fact that the iPad’s display resolution is already great – 1024 x 768 at 9.7 inches, this thing should be pretty groovy retina or no retina.

On the other hand, the cameras will be perfect for FaceTime, Google Voip/Video chat and Skype’s video chat which is already available on the iPhone.  My thinking is the new iPad could possibly be the new all-in-one wonder slash mobile phone killer for the mobile office.  Just grab a groovy bluetooth headset and you should rockin!

But until the actual unit is announced, we’ll just have to hold tight and wait.  That being said, if your in the market for an iPad today, hold tight and just chill for now.  No need buying an older 1st gen iPad when it’s new big brother is possibly just days away from being released.  If nothing else, after the announcement the 1st gen units will be sold at firesale prices at least in the first wave as Mac Fanboys rush out to pick one up.



  1. Jamie

    Aside from updated display and cameras, I wonder what other groovy upgrades the new IPad will have? Could there perhaps be a USB port to attach a hard drive/keyboard? It seems to me that the trend for these devices will be towards complete universality in their function. Whatever the new goodies on this, I am sure it will be very popular.

    • Bogdan

      I’ve read about the USB, too, as well as about a possible microSD card slot. I’ve also read that the price will be close to the price of the first one.

    • MrGroove

      More USB devices would be nice however I have admit, I just picked up a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and that works quite well. No wires :) :)

      My bet is the iPad will work similar to the new iPhone on the Verizon network – WiFi tethering. That would be nice. Perhaps also 4G? I can’t see the new iPad coming out without 4G but who knows….

      • Bogdan

        I don’t want to sound like I’m picky, but Apple always seems a bit behind when it comes to network standards. If it’s released in a few months, I don’t see it having 4G. And yes, Bluetooth is more fun… :)

  2. Jamie

    I certainly hope so, Bogden. It is definitely an investment.

    • Bogdan

      If the price is in the same area and if it has at least a better screen and a card slot, it’s definitely worth the money.

  3. Jamie

    I agree, Bogdan. I will certainly be picking one up in the next year or so, rather than replace my aging laptop.

    • Bogdan

      It all depends on what you need. To me, it wouldn’t replace a laptop, but there are times when you don’t need more. :)

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