Microsoft Won’t Let Apple Copyright “App Store”

Here’s a funny one (for some), Microsoft is asking the US Trademark & Patent Office to reject Apple’s claim to copyright the term “App Store”.  Among the reasons quoted is the fact that the name is a generic one and that, basically, any store that sells software could be called that.  For some reason, the claim sounds legitimate to me.

Microsoft’s claim says that the word “app” designates what Apple sells in its store, while the term “store” designates, well… a store. :)

They’re even quoting Steve Jobs to support their claim. In a recent interview, the man himself has talked about “Android app stores”.

Now, I’m not a Microsoft fan and I think their share of world domination is already a considerable one, but I have to hand it to them, they might just be right on this one. At a moment when a mobile OS’ success or failure depends on the number of apps its users have access to, claiming such a term that has become so generic all to yourself seems unfair to the others on the market.

What do you think about it?

Speaking of Apple, the company is rumored to be close to the launch of a new iPad.

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