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Groovy Microsoft News, Tips, And How-ToFor quite some time Google Docs has been dominating the online document sharing business, but now Microsoft is striking back.  As announced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during the  Facebook F8 developer live conference Microsoft Fuse Labs has teamed up with Facebook to create an all new document sharing site,  The URL is simple and easy to remember, and it integrates directly with Facebook as if it were it’s own Microsoft Office Online Facebook app.

The web app is still under development and is only in the beta phase.   Unfortunately, at this point it’s not open to the masses, but you can join the waiting list and get an invitation as they open it up to more people.

Microsoft created this informative introduction video to help explain the service.

There are still a lot of questions about the service, and as soon as we get an active Facebook account into the beta phase we plan on covering it in full detail.  One of my biggest questions regarding the service has already been answered however.


How will content appear on your Facebook profile news feed?

According to Microsoft Fuse Labs team member Amy Sorokas:

While using “documents shared with Facebook “friends” or “everyone” will appear in your News Feed. However, when you add friends as either viewers or document editors, you can select whether you want the document posted to your feed. showing up in the facebook news feed

I’m still waiting for my invite so I really can’t dig in any deeper. If you want to learn more, checkout their blog for more details.

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1 Comment

  1. TaraKK

    I can’t get in…. I signed up so we will see what happens.


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