Microsoft Offers Refunds for OneCare Customers

But what about those who laid out some cash for OneCare? Well, if you purchased OneCare before July 1, 2009, then you could be eligible for a full refund. 

Out with the old and in with the new, I’ve always said!  So, now that Microsoft Security Essentials is the dominant (and free) new security suite for Windows, it’s time for OneCare to retire.  MrGroove said this was going to happen so hopefully no one is surprised?  Anyway, I think this is good news since it means Microsoft is picking up some of Google’s habits and offering free software.

But what about those who laid out some cash for OneCare? Well, if you purchased OneCare before July 1, 2009, then you could be eligible for a full refund.  Yeah I know, when I read about it I was pretty surprised too!

First off if you haven’t done so already head on over and pick up Microsoft Security Essentials, it’s the new replacement for OneCare.  However, if you’re a die-hard OneCare fan, or don’t have the means of installing Microsoft Security Essentials (what?!) then don’t worry as Microsoft is going to continue support and updates for OneCare until December 2010.

Okay, let’s talk about what everyone is interested in here, getting your refund for OneCare!

How To Get Your Windows Live OneCare Refund

1. Check the Supported Markets list.  If your country isn’t on this list, then it’s going to be tough to get a refund.  Here is the list below with suggested retail prices included:

  • Australia (69.95 AUD)
  • Austria (click here for information on Austria’s Retail Refund Program)
  • Belgium (34.95 EUR)
  • Canada (41.95 CAD)
  • France (34.95 EUR)
  • Germany (34.95 EUR)
  • Ireland (34.95 EUR)
  • Italy (34.95 EUR)
  • Japan (click here for information on Japan’s Retail Refund Program)
  • Mexico (455 MXN)
  • Netherlands (click here for information on the Netherlands’ Retail Refund Program)
  • New Zealand (85 NZD)
  • Singapore (55.95 SGD)
  • Spain (34.95 EUR)
  • Switzerland (41.95 CHF)
  • United Kingdom (26.95 GBP)
  • United States (34.95 USD)

If your country isn’t listed, you’ll need to contact customer support.

2. If you are in a country from the above list, then the next step is to determine what type of refund you are eligible to receiveThere are three types of refund requests.  Prorated, Unopened with receipt, and Unopened without a receipt.

  • You are eligible for a prorated refund if you have OneCare installed and your subscription has not expired yet.
  • If you have an unused OneCare product laying around and a receipt, then you can use that to claim a full refund for your OneCare software.
  • Refunds without receipts are granted for unused OneCare products, but they determine the amount by your regional suggested retail price.

Keep in mind if you purchased OneCare from an unauthorized distributor (like eBay) then you should opt for the refund without receipt as Microsoft won’t accept refunds from unauthorized sellers.  This option works for refunds that were awarded as ‘gifts with purchase’ as well.

Also note that if you bought OneCare directly from Microsoft online then you are only eligible for a pro-rated refund, and you must go to the Microsoft billing site to cancel your subscription.

3. Request the refund. The process is different for each type of refund.  Don’t worry about canceling your subscription as Microsoft will automatically do that for you approximately four weeks after your refund is issued.

Purchased/Received From A Retailer And Already Started Using It:

How do I get my prorated refund for my Windows Live OneCare retail subscription?

To receive your prorated refund check, you must complete the refund form available here. You will need to provide your name, address, and Windows Live OneCare product key. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase before we process your refund.  The pro-rated refund amount is determined based on the number of months remaining on your subscription and the average suggested retail price of the country listed on the refund form.

Unused OneCare Product With No Receipt:

How do I get a refund for an unopened copy of Windows Live OneCare that I don’t have a receipt for?

Please follow the instructions outlined in How do I get a refund for an unopened copy of OneCare?. Make sure to indicate that you do not have a receipt for your product. Your refund will be calculated using the average suggested retail price.

Unused OneCare Product With a Receipt:

How do I get a refund for an unopened copy of Windows Live OneCare?

If you purchased an unused copy of OneCare from an authorized seller before July 1, 2009 and have not yet installed it, you can request a full refund by faxing or mailing the following information to Microsoft. Please note that you must include all of this information in order for your refund to be processed:
* Address your fax or envelope as “Attention: OneCare refund program.”
* Include a copy of your original sales receipt that displays the price paid for OneCare.
* Include your OneCare product key. This is the 25-character combination of letters and numbers that is located on the yellow sticker inside the OneCare CD case on the back of the pullout disc tray. Click here for more help.
* Include your complete contact information, including full name, street address (sorry, no PO boxes), city, state, ZIP or postal code, country, telephone number, and e-mail address.
* Indicate the name and location of the retailer from which you purchased the product.
* Note: You do not need to send your CD or box.
Fax to: 1-510-225-2555
Mail to:
Microsoft OneCare
PO Box 1734
San Leandro, CA 94577

Once you’ve sent in your refund request, it can take up to 6 weeks before you receive your refund.  I’m happy to see Microsoft retire OneCare and bring in the new Security Essentials replacement.  Now if only we could get them to do this with IE6.

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1 Comment

  1. shockersh

    Did people actually PAY for AV? Really? Good to hear Microsoft is paying people back for that crapware onecare!

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