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If you own or are looking for a particular business that provides services outside of a storefront location, then this Google Maps update will likely receive a warm welcome.  Last Tuesday Google rolled out the area of service maps as part of their newly revamped Google Places program. The idea is that now people will be able to see how local the business is and if they do indeed offer service outside of their office.

With a quick login to your Google Places account, you can set a service area radius that will show up when people search for your business on Google Maps.  Below your contact information, there is room for listing specific locations as well.

how to add your business to google maps service areas

If the circle radius isn’t accurate enough, you can draw out your area of service and make it any shape you want.  For private businesses, you can still hide your address information but unlike before, now you’ll still show up on Google Maps results.

draw out your google maps service area for your business

Google Places is becoming more groovy with each update and considering it’s brand new, now’s the time to update your business’ listing and get an edge on your competition.  Check out some of the other reasons to update your business listing on Google Places here!

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