Internet Explorer is at its Lowest Market Share Ever

Internet Explorer is at 57.1%, Mozilla Firefox has kept most of its users, while Google Chrome continues to grow its market share.

According to data by NetApplications, quoted by ConceivablyTech, Internet Explorer has experienced its biggest market share decrease of the last two years in December 2010 – 1.4 percentage points.

Internet Explorer’s share is currently 57.1%, a record low for Microsoft’s browser. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox is currently at 22.81%, a figure that has dropped since January 2010 (24.43%). Google Chrome has done quite well, too, reaching 10% for the first time.

In Europe, things seem to be even better for Firefox. StatCounter says that Firefox has surpassed Internet Explorer in Europe, with 38.11%, compared to Internet Explorer’s 37.52%. Chrome is third, at 14.58%.

After reading the report I was curious to see how closely it matched up so I threw together a quick table comparing our 2009 vs. 2010 December browser traffic.

groovyPost.comDec. 2009Dec. 2010
Internet Explorer46.4%43%
Google Chrome0%16%
Android Mobile0%2.2%

The first thing that surprises me from the data above is how badly Firefox has done over the past year here at groovyPost. It has lost almost half of its market share and one could say that it has lost most of it due to people jumping over to Google Chrome. Another surprise was how well Android is doing. It will be interesting to see where Firefox is in another year vs. Chrome. Anyone care to make a wager? I know I for one dumped Firefox about six months ago once Google cleaned up its EULA for Chrome.

Anyway, for those of you who have jumped on the Google Chrome bandwagon, check out our articles on the Chrome browser. One that might be of interest to you is our article on how to enable Aero Peek for all tabs in Google Chrome.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abdullah

    I don’t like the chrome’s Themes …And i LOVE <3 FF 4 It's personas is just a GREAT idea…
    Cheers for the one who Invented it (Y)

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