Google Now Accepting Summer of Code Student Applications

Google - Summer of code now accepting applications

If you’re interested in working on an Google endorsed open-source project, this summer you could take advantage of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC).  For the last 6+ years Google has brought together over 4,500 students from 85+ countries to work on open-source software development projects over the summer.  Participants who do well, could net $5,000 in cash.

The official signup page can be found here.  But, before you go gung-ho – you should take a look at the proposal writing guide.  You don’t just get into the program automatically, or randomly.  “Mentor” organizations will look over your application and either accept or deny it.  There are some big names on the board as well; Mozilla, Blender, WordPress, and others.  Because the entire project is done online, there is no commuting involved.

Google summer of code how ti works

April 8th, 2011 is the last day to apply if you want to get in this summer, so head over and get started! 

via [Google Official Open Source Blog]

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