Google Plus iPhone App Released and Available for Download

Google Plus

Attention iPhone Google+ users, Google just announced the availability of the Google+ native iPhone APP.  I just took a look on my iPhone and I don’t see it yet so it’s probably still making its way onto all the Apple servers.  According to Google, it should start appearing in the App store in a few hours.

We’ve already reviewed Google Plus as well as the native Android App however what I’ve really been waiting for is the iPhone App!  Once I get my hands on it you can expect another groovyPost to review the look and feel plus a comparison vs. the Android App.



  1. alpipego

    I want an app for wp7… ;(
    That really is the downside to this os. You have to wait ages for apps, if they get released at all.

    • MrGroove

      It’s all about strategy…. Release on the Google device first, then follow the money – iPhone next then Windows Phone just to make it look like you care… ;)

      • alpipego

        :D yeah I know. Still it bothers me everytime…

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