Google Maps Gets A Street View Driving Update

Google is adding new features to its Google Maps street view. Here is a look at what you can expect

Google Maps Wi-Fi UpdateA couple of weeks ago, Street View drivers got an update fixing controversial Wi-Fi issues. With the new update, Street View will no longer collect Wi-Fi payload data and won’t have WLAN scanning turned on all the time. Even though the update isn’t a major change, it is worth mentioning because this bug has been around for quite a while. Additionally, it has caused quite the up-stir among privacy-minded individuals and organizations.


On the same topic, Google is also starting to add more countries to Street View. As a result, there will be more photos to help you navigate while driving by TeleAtlas and NavTeq. Along with the pictures, 3D imagery has a planned update as well. Overall, Google will try to keep Maps clean and polished in the hope that the number of people who use it will increase.

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