Google Attempts To Kick Content Farms Off of Search Results

Google filters out spammy content in new algorithm updateDo you ever search for something in Google, and then find that the top search results are nothing but empty pages full of advertisements and a partial reference to your query?  This is a problem that Google has been battling for the last few years!  And, yesterday Google released an update that could strike a small blow against low-quality, spam oriented websites; also known as content farms.

In the official update announcement, Google stated this new change to their ranking algorithm would effect 11.8% of their overall searches.  When they say 11.8%, it doesn’t sound like a big number –but in Google’s case, that 11.8% comes out to around 200 million of all searches performed daily that will be effected by the new algorithm.

You remember the Chrome extension we talked about last week for blocking unwanted search results?  Google has specifically mentioned that they have not started using the data from it yet, but rather they have been looking at it.  According to their comparison, the new algorithmic change they’ve implemented effects 84% of the top 40 most blocked websites.

Google hasn’t given out the names of any sites in particular, but from now on you should notice at least an 11% improvement in overall search result quality.Though, Google still has a lot of work left to do. Unfortunately, I just did a few test searches and sure enough, some of the biggest content farms are still page rank 8 –and their results are still showing up on the very front of Google.  Meanwhile, smaller websites with very high-quality content are yet to be seen anywhere near the top -or even the front page for that matter!

Stay tuned for a future post, where we’ll look at some of the top content farms across the net that have been plaguing Google over the past year.

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